There are two major ideas in Bart van Deelens work. One is to take historical objects or concept and facts from the real, common world and to extend their meaning by means of imagination. The other is to render them immobile and thereby contradict poetically the very essence of what they are about. A recurring theme of his output features the concept of death, the search for eternal life and mens longing for materalistic value. By playing with scale and perspective a certain degree of elevation in the sculptures arises. Objects receive a value or value themselves. It hangs, it is black, floats or reaches up. The work looks functional, but at the same time the sculptures deny these certain functions and brings the viewer back to the physical essence of the work. Simple aesthetic interventions emphasize the different facets of the object and show the potential of the material. On a more abstract level, the sculptures refute their own monumental character, demonstrating Van Deelens interest in the malleability of history.


Bart van Deelen was born in 1995 in Heemskerk (NL). He graduated in 2017 from the Amsterdam University of the Arts, AHK. In 2018 he went to ASFA (Athens School of Fine Art) and took the marble course under Dimitris Christo. In 2019 he graduated from the AKI Artez, Enschede.